Question:   What is the Bad Weather Plan?

Answer:   It is policy to wait until the morning of games (8am) to make decisions on playing or not.  Decision will be posted on website and coaches will contact all their players. 

Question:   It's 2 weeks after registration and I haven't been contacted by a coach? 

Answer:   Please contact us.  Most mistakes are (1) an email has gone to your "spam" folder so please check there (2) irregularity between emails 

Question:   Does the league still need coaches? 

Answer:   We have all the coaches filled for the Fall 2012 season.    


Question:    Can I guarantee a certain practice night for my child?  

Answer:     Only if you coach.  A coach sets up their practice day, time, mascot, team colors etc.  



Question:    Can we switch teams after roster has been set up?   

Answer:     Short answer - no because all the jerseys will have been ordered.   There are other factors as well.  


Question:    I asked for Friday but we have Tuesday practice.  Why? 

Answer:     On the form, we ask what night you prefer and what nights you can not practice.  For example, we had 50% of a certain age group request 1 coach.  (17 out of 34)  We do all very best to cater to your wishes but having balanced teams in terms of numbers is necessary.