Northwest Crossing Soccer 


Started in the Fall of 1998, the Northwest Crossing Youth Soccer League was formed for all our neighborhood kids! 


This noncompetitive league is for children, boys and girls, ages 4 to 13 living in the Northwest Crossing Homeowners Association. 


We are a 100% volunteer-run organization, from our League Coordinators on down to all our coaches.


Each year, NWC Soccer hosts a Spring and Fall soccer season.  Our seasons are 8 - 9 games long, with team photos, banquets, trophies and uniforms being included as part of your registration in our League.  Our teams practice and play all games at the NWCHOA Sportsplex.


The goal of our program is to keep our neighborhood kids involved in sports while teaching them sportmanship, integrity and the fundamentals of soccer.  This has become a wonderful soccer community.  Many of our families, coaches, and players have been with the organization for years. We have incorporated other events such "Camping on the Soccer Fields,"  "Mommy's Soccer Camp, and hosting a British soccer camp as part of our program.


We hope to see you out kicking it on the fields!!!