Welcome to my web site!


Do you need Click Tracks for your marching band show rehearsals?  

Would you like a custom march for UIL?  

My name is Ray Flores and I compose, arrange and re-arrange music for bands. I am a published composer with titles listed in several states PML’s.  My passion is teaching students and writing music. 

I can create click tracks for your Marching Band, Concert Band or any of your performing ensembles. 

If you are searching for a March for your band for UIL Contest, I can compose one that strictly fits your group.  

If you looking for a Percussion Ensemble or Chamber ensemble for you students, allow me to compose one for you.  

Basically, I can "customize" your music for your group.  

My prices are reasonable and I am currently available for projects.   

Thank you and I look forward to hearing from you